this is my take on poetry…what is yours?

Unfortunately, not many people tend to give literature the recognition it requires.

Words are equally as beautiful as any painting, if only they are allowed to make the impression they are meant to give.



Call me Venus,
Beauty as such is thought provoking.
Beauty that causes Apollo to strike his harp.
Beauty fades, but this feels eternal.
Lust or love? Maybe even a balance.

Embodied as a dove,
Seen as the purest of all.
Since even your birth was as a result of cruelty.
Beauty that enslaves feeble hearted lovers
Both man and god are no match for you.

Goddess of love,
See the feud that exists among brothers,
Brothers who sail seas to seek what the heart desires.
Battling each other for you.
They hail you,
They love you.

Hear the war drums beat,
Announcing battle.
The soldiers assemble to pray,
But to whom?
Worshipped as the emblem of love
Yet war cries bear your name.
Blood and love is all that you trade.

The seas testify,
They disclose how your birth came about.
The waves roar as they hide what is dear to Uranus.
Cronus is to blame.
Goddess of fertility…

Goddess of love,
Unsatisfied by the fiery heart of Hephaestus,
You seek embrace in the hands of Ares,
Why not have it all and top it up with the warmth of man.
Unfaithful yet beautiful…
Even gods have flaws.

Sensational are your curves,
Your body glows like the sunset behind the oceans.
Beauty with war, love with flaws.
Even time stalls,
To admire you even more.


Look up,
Cower no more at the barren sky,
For the gods have spoken.
Their message resounds in the clouds.
Their message stretches from the clouds,
From the clouds to the oceans.
The rainbow is the messenger.

Hush now,
Speak your lies no more,
For she comes, bearing the ewer,
The ewer to swear us by.
She serves the honest with the finest wine.
Faithful and true to the gods of old.

With wings so bright,
She rides the West wind.
She flies across the rainbow bearing the words of the gods.
Trust and Valor are your maiden virtues.
You look not on your sororal betrayal,
An Arke that bears no truth.


The Earth Shaker,
Brother to both light and night,
The waves tremble at your might.
With your bad temper as your flaw,
Your rage runs wild like the untamed horse

Lord of the earth,
The seas are your home,
By lot, you call the sea-creatures your own
Father of man and beast,
Pegasus being the least.

Spared from the hands of Cronus,
You did not know a cruel demise.
Husband of the earth,
Hear the cry of Polyphemus,
The land and seas tremble as he staggers,
Blinded by Odysseus.
Even his sheep betray him.

As the storms of the seas roar,
So does your anger,
Your greed is outmatched only by your thirst for vengeance.
Your consorts have no limit.
The walls of Troy still stand to hail your might.


Hero to all,
Born of man and god.
Your strength is without match.
Lions and beasts tremble at your feet.
Your far-ranging adventures say it all.
They are told across the universe.

Tortured by Hera,
Slayer of the hydra,
With your heart as your only flaw.
Your rage is as deadly as your war-bow.
Born of Zeus,
Demigod of the fierce Lightning.

Seen as a hero,
Your garment is stained.
Stained with the blood of the innocent.
Hera is to blame! Apollo doesn’t think same.
Labor and toil does your destiny hold,
But your will and courage do not fold.
The princess of Troy sings of your strength.
The heavens and the earth whisper tales,
Tales of the Namean lion,
Wild and strange stories,
Cerberus lives to tell them all…


Call me Mercury.
Inventor of the lyre,
Herald of Mount Olympus.
God of trade,
Wealthy in luck and grace.
Slayer of Argos,
Rescuer of Ares.

Grandmaster of the cult of tricksters,
Thief most extraordinary,
Diplomat like none other,
Every language bids my tongue welcome.
Patron of the elite gambler.

Messenger of the gods,
Guide to the dead.
With no regard for rules,
Boundaries are unknown to me.
Known for my fleet-footedness,
Gods and men deem me the god of speed.
Talaria and my winged Petasos deserve the credit.


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